Our Kennels

Here at Moss Side Boarding Kennels, we have a maximum of 12 heated kennels which are larger than council regulations require. Our kennels are light and airy and each has a video/audio monitor so we can keep an eye on our boarders at all times. We have both elevated beds and plastic baskets with a thick vet bed topping although you are welcome to bring your own. We use an eco-friendly/dust free floor covering (no dusty/shavings) on an antibacterial floor.

Our kennels are spotless at all times and each are steam cleaned and disinfected between borders. We feed a premium quality dry feed twice daily. Our borders are exercised twice daily on our private estate of 100 acres of beautiful, peaceful walks. We not “pack walk” our dogs, we walk them on their own, unless they are from the same home and are kennel sharing. Dogs get two walks daily and a video preview of the walks is sent to the dogs owner each and every day to keep owners up to date on their dogs progress during its stay with us.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated up to date, including the kennel cough vaccine which is now required by law. Vaccinations and vaccines must be given to your pets at least two weeks prior to their stay with us. If your dog is insured, please bring your insurance documents with you.